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11:15 am | A ea: Taking action to bring to life our project ideas

Jump in and take action to bring to life yours and others’ project ideas! We’ll be exploring some tools and a simple process that can help to raise up and enliven new project possibilities. And we’ll even try out the tools and process to likely move some new projects all the way to “Hiki nō, let’s do this!”

Things you need for this sesh…

A Ea! Project Process

Empowering folx through a project based approach — today, tomorrow, and into da future. Kuleana is da boss!

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A Ea! Take Action on Project Ideas

Use this padlet to share your ideas and interact with other great ideas! If you are not already logged into Padlet, click the small square at the top right corner of the padlet to launch it in a new window, then log in or create an account.

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