Asynchronous Pre-Work

We know you folx are busy and we appreciate the time you've committed to spending with us! To make sure we make the most of the time of the collective, we're asking for a little bit of pre-work before engaging in the rest of the ʻaha, which will take about 15-minutes of your time. This will ensure you’ll be jamming along with the group and maximizing your time during the sessions!

Imagine the possibilities: What would your kula/hui love to take on as a project, if it had the chance to collaborate with others across Kanaeokana? What strengths would your kula/hui bring to others’ cool projects? Share your ideas on the social media platform of your choice. Use da hashtag #ahakuka

How do you ea?

Share your "Aha!" moments on social media with the hashtag #ahakuka on Facebook or Instagram and we'll do the rest!