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12:15 pm | ‘Aina awakea, Ho‘omaha, film fest

Grab something to eat. Take a break. Get up and stretch. Hang out in the virtual lounge on InSpace. Or stay on Zoom and watch some films while you feast (or fast?).

  • Theater 1: "This Is the Way We Rise"
    Filmmaker Ciara Lacy documents Jamaica Heolimeleikalani Osorio, a Kanaka Maoli wahine poet, activist and academic, and her continued work towards justice for Hawaii’s native population.
  • Theater 2: "Hawaiian Soul"
    Filmmakers ‘Āina Paikai and Kaliko Mai‘i present their narrative short-film, based on the true story of Hawaiian hero, George Jarrett Helm Jr.  It is a tribute to the legacy of a leader and artist that used his voice to inspire a revolution of consciousness.
  • Theater 3: "Papa Wa‘a School at Sea"
    Filmmaker Kaipo Kī‘aha shares the story of the 9th grade students of Hālau Kū Mana whose entire curriculum revolves around traditional voyaging techniques.
  • Theater 4:  "Mālama Honua: Teaching Tomorrow's Navigators"
    The Kealaiwikuamo‘o Network Engagement team shares the story of how a tiny school in Waimānalo is doing big things for the community, both locally and globally.

*Films may change as we get closer to the date. Any updates to the listings will be made here.

Things you need for this sesh...

  • A computer (recommended) or a mobile device to engage on Zoom
  • Something to eat and drink
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