11:00 am | Ka wā hō‘eu‘eu!

Hulō, the bell just rang and it’s wā pāʻani! Yup, recess time! What do you wanna do to get your shakalaka dial reset to piha loa? Whatever it is, try not to be like Hanawale Kaulele and do next week’s homework now (i.e., that email that no one is gonna miss if you wait a bit).

Things you can enjoy during this break...

  • Brew up some ʻono māmaki tea from your pahu lou, or try this Blue Magic Tea Lemonade recipe from Shaka Teas!
  • Head outside and soak up some sunshine
  • Streeeeetchhhhh
  • Finish your art project and post um on social media #naeart
  • Choreograph a new happy dance
  • Grind some of your favorite ‘ai māmā
  • Hang out in InSpace with your hoaloha
  • Kūlia i ka nuʻu and do ‘em all!

How do you ea?

Share your "Aha!" moments on social media with the hashtag #ahakuka on Twitter or Instagram and we'll do the rest!