‘Aha Kūkā 2021: E Alu, E Ahu, A Ea!2021-04-09T19:51:56-10:00

Project Description

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Join in an engaging online gathering for aloha ‘āina educators on April 30, 2021, from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Ho, front row seat, eh? You must be somebodeh!

Aloha e ke hoa! It’s awesome that you can join in some Kanaeokana action! For some, it’s been a while since you were able to jump into a Kanaeokana activity. For some, Kanaeokana work has been the ma‘amau for many months. And for others, this is totally new. Whatever the case may be, it’s all g! You’re here lending your energy today to the shared Kanaeokana nu‘ukia of growing aloha ‘āina leaders!

Doing this Kanaeokana style has always meant being collaborative, action oriented, and focused on the big picture of empowering our lāhui and caring for our ‘āina. Today is no different as we embody our theme, e alu, e ahu, a ea!

E alu — Let’s come together and bring our best ideas and energy to strategize our coordinated moves.

E ahu — Let’s build together and solidify our visions for what we can accomplish together.

A ea! — Let’s set up our next steps to enliven and actualize an array of projects that will add to the mana of our ‘āina and lāhui!

How will we do this? By jumping right in. Shall we?

ʻAha Program

Click on any of the images or links below to get more information about that session.

Just for you…

Zoom backgrounds, a card deck, emojis, and other mea to energize your AK2021 (and beyond).

Official AK2021 Zoom Backgrounds

Static & Animated Virtual Backgrounds

Impress your friends with the official Zoom backgrounds from AK2021.

Download the Zoom Backgrounds

AK2021 Card Deck

A deck of cards to help guide you through the ‘aha... and beyond

A deck of cards to help guide you through the ‘aha… and beyond

Download the AK2021 Card Deck

Project Padlet

Propose, view, and interact with project proposals

Propose, view, and interact with project proposals.

Propose and view projects

Printable Emoji Paddles

Real life emojis to liven up your next virtual meeting

Liven up your next virtual meeting with these real life emojis. Eat a popsicle, save the stick (or grab some wooden chopsticks), print, cut, glue. Bam.

Download the Kanaeokana emoji paddles


A place where kumu share resources and ideas with each other

Share. Collaborate. Have fun doing it. Upload and browse resources shared by and with other kumu like you.


Māui Mo‘olelo Wall Print

A printable poster to ho‘ohawai‘i any space

Ho‘onaninani your space with this “Māui Mo‘olelo” print by Kaipo Kī‘aha. Available in 24in x 36in 8.5in x 11in sizes.

Download Wall Print

How do you ea?

Share your “Aha!” moments on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ahakuka and we’ll do the rest to get it to show up on the wall!

ʻAha Concierge

Need help? No worries, beef curries, we got you. Check out the self-help below or talk to one of our concierge specialists who will be available during the April 30th ʻaha.

On the day of the event, come to this website to find the Zoom button at the top of this page that you’ll need to join in. The Kanaeokana ‘Aha Kūkā 2021: E Alu, E Ahu, A Ea! is being hosted on the Zoom platform.

We’ve provided a list of resources, contextual information, and some fun “extras” here on this website.  Be sure to review all of the materials in the Asynchronous Pre-Work session before the ʻaha begins, and clear your calendar for that day so that you can be fully present and engaged with all of the important idea-sharing and decision-making conversations.

Yes! You may also download and print the handouts and other materials from the individual meeting sessions and the “For you…” section of this website for other attendees who may not have received a hard copy in the mail before the event begins.

Yes, the main sessions will be recorded and available for viewing after the ʻaha, but the recordings are not intended to replace your valuable input and discussions during the live ʻaha, so we encourage all to participate synchronously if possible. Breakout rooms and discussion spaces will not be recorded.

We highly recommend attending the live event. However, it will be possible to participate asynchronously. Most of the content from this event will be made available at a later date for viewing asynchronously, however, breakout discussions will not be recorded. We encourage participants to explore this site before the event to enrich your understanding and ability to participate in live sessions.

‘A‘ole. He ‘aha kūkā manuahi kēia.

If you don’t already have a Zoom account, you can sign up for free prior to the ʻaha.  If you are new to Zoom and would like to view some tutorials, please visit Zoom’s virtual support center.  On the day of the ʻaha, you may chat with one of our own Kanaeokana concierge folks in the virtual support room.

InSpace is a new, virtual collaboration space, similar to Zoom in some ways, but also very different.  We think you’ll like playing around with this tool!  You can check it out, talk story, and visit our concierge desk out on our virtual lānai at any time during the ʻaha, as well as during the ʻaina awakea Film Fest portion of the day.  We recommend that you choose “Continue with Google” to use your usual browsing credentials with InSpace.  We also recommend that you use a desktop or laptop computer, rather than a tablet or mobile device, for the best experience.

To get help, talk with one of our concierge specialists.

Connect with hoaloha on Slack
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*Available on Friday, April 30th 2021 during the live ‘Aha Kūkā.