Join us at an engaging gathering for aloha ‘āina educators at the Kaiwakīloumoku Hawaiian Cultural Center on the KS Kapālama campus, on January 12, 2024 from 8:30am to 2:30pm.

Ho, front row seat, eh? You must be somebodeh!

Aloha e ke hoa! You may have heard us say things like “kuleana is the boss,” “Kanaeokana moves at the speed of trust,” and stuff like “collective intelligence” (which is just a fancy way of saying that there is an intelligence to a gathered group that’s more than the individual parts that make up that group). Well, we’ll be putting all of that plus a lot more into this ‘Aha Kūka! For some, it’s been a while since you were able to jump into a Kanaeokana activity. For some, Kanaeokana work has been the ma‘amau for many months and years. And for others, this is totally new. Whatever the case may be, it’s all g! You’re here lending your energy today to the shared Kanaeokana nu‘ukia of growing aloha ‘āina leaders!

Doing this Kanaeokana style has always meant being collaborative, action oriented, and focused on the big picture of empowering our lāhui and caring for our ‘āina. Today is no different as we embody our theme, e alu, e ahu, a ea!

E alu — Let’s come together and bring our best ideas and energy to strategize our coordinated moves.

E ahu — Let’s build together and solidify our visions for what we can accomplish together.

A ea! — Let’s set up our next steps to enliven and actualize an array of projects that will add to the mana of our ‘āina and lāhui!

How will we do this? By jumping right in. Shall we?

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Conference Program

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8:30 — Light Breakfast

9:00 — Welina, pule wehe, ‘ike honua

9:15 — Celebrating the growth and reach of Kanaeokana

9:45 — Net… working

10:00 — How do you see Kanaeokana continuing to grow? How will it evolve? How will it adjust given its strengths and challenges?

12:00 — ‘Aina Awakea and more net… working

1:00 — Jumping into kauno‘o

  • Slack off in a virtual space we use for collaborating, coordinating, and communicating
  • Projects pitched, promised, and produced
  • Swag Shop. Iron forges iron. Or in this case, iron (ons) are for you to transfer on to shirts and stuff. Bring a shirt or something to brand. Grab some stickers. Since you came, you may as well take something fun home with you (and help renormalize Hawaiian culture and language in some fun, low-hanging fruit kine ways)! Chee!
  • Play! Giveaways! New resources for the lāhui.
  • Ha‘awi aku, ha‘awi mai:
  • Eaaaaaaaaa youuuuuuuuu guys! Don’t be so tents, let’s experience some ea in the shade.

2:15 — Panina

2:30 — Shuttles head to the airport. E huaka‘i mālie!

Just for you…

Zoom backgrounds, a fun handbook, palapala, and other mea to energize your AK2024 (and beyond).

Palapala ‘Ōnaehana Ho‘ona‘auao Hawai‘i

Kanaeokana's Hawaiian education system declaration

We love our palapala. Really, we do. Check out the proposed ea section on the Palapala ‘Ōnaehana Ho‘ona‘auao Hawai‘i

View the Draft Declaration

Kanaeokana Participant Dashboard

Whatʻs da scoops, hula hoops?

A dashboard for Kanaeokana participants.

View the Draft Dashboard

Project Dashboard

Kuleana is da boss! How does that work?

Propose, view, and engage in the hana of Kanaeokana.

Propose and view projects

Printable Emoji Paddles

Real life emojis to liven up your next virtual meeting

Liven up your next virtual meeting with these real life emojis. Eat a popsicle, save the stick (or grab some wooden chopsticks), print, cut, glue. Bam.

Download the Kanaeokana emoji paddles

A place where kumu share resources and ideas with each other

Share. Collaborate. Have fun doing it. Upload and browse resources shared by and with other kumu like you.


A place where its okay to slack off.

Slack is our virtual space where we collaborate and communicate. Itʻs how to stay in tune and in touch with the hana of Kanaeokana.

Slack off with us

Amplifying aloha ‘āina and ea in the community

In the third quarter of 2023, Kanaeokana’s Instagram account helped amplify community voices, reaching 14,506,427 unique people across the world.

Conference Concierge

Need help? No worries, beef curries, we got you. Check out the self-help below or reach out to us on Slack.

This year’s Kanaeokana ‘Aha Kūkā will be at the Ka‘iwakīloumoku Hawaiian Cultural Center on the Kamehameha Schools Kapālama Campus (wow that was a lot of words), 8:30am – 2:30pm, Friday, January 12, 2024.
Get Slack installed on your phone (or computer) and if you already have a Kanaeokana account, log in! If not, weʻll have people help you get setup.
No. Not this year.
This will be an in person event. There will be no asynchronous or remote participation.
‘A‘ole. He ‘aha kūkā manuahi kēia. For those who need travel reimbursements, this is the process.
Check out this handy dandy how to, here.
Here’s a handy dandy startup guide.
Weʻll have staff there to help you during the day at the ‘Aha Kūkā.