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1:00 pm | Virtual Exhibition Hall

Hui, e hele mai!  Come and learn more about what some of our friends are doing to uplift our lāhui and grow aloha ‘āina leaders in their communities.  This is a time that you can listen to these partners, ask questions, and kūkākūkā with them.  But, no feel like you gotta be in one all the time… you can lele from one session to another to listen to all the awesome stuff they doing or if you like can stay in one, aia no iā ‘oe, up to you, what you like do!

Moʻolelo you can use to energize your classroom | Hiʻiohia Publishing

On ʻāina and online, ah? Aʻo aku, aʻo mai! | Kū-A-Kānaka

Advancing indigenous education learning resources | Kūlaniākea

Redefining wealth through relationships, connection, and balance | Waiwai Collective

Helping Hawaiʻi stand taller each day | Kū Project

Things you need for this sesh…

The idea exchange

Kanaeokana participants + partners have a lot to share. What can we learn from each other?

Mo‘olelo you can use to energize your classrooms

Hiʻohia Publishing | Rm 1

Hi’ohia aims to educate and empower individuals who are excited about the perpetuation of moʻolelo (stories and legends) in their communities.

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How is a kumu from Molokai reaching students around the world?

Ka Hale Hoaka | Rm 2

Ka Hale Hoaka is an online school of Hawaiian knowledge, based out of a remote off-the-grid home on the rural island of Molokai.  Led by Hawaiian cultural practitioner and educator, Kumu Maile Naehu, this learning environment offers an educational experience that is inspired by Hawai‘i, its stories, language, and traditions.

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On ‘āina and online, ah? A‘o aku, a‘o mai!

Kū-A-Kānaka | Rm 3

Ehehene is the product line of Kū-A-Kanaka, a social enterprise designed to revitalize Hawaiian language and culture.  Ehehene includes fun, educational products for individuals, families, teachers, and learners of all ages interested in increasing their ʻike Hawaiʻi as well as their Hawaiian language skills.

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Advancing Indigenous Education-Learning Resources

Kūlaniākea | Rm 4

Kūlaniākea is a non-profit educational organization currently serving Native Hawaiian communities through multi-generational dual language education and culturally appropriate educational materials.

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Redefining wealth through relationships, connection, and balance

Waiwai Collective | Rm 5

Waiwai Collective is a group of Native Hawaiian entrepreneurs who share kuleana and a passion for uplifting the lāhui. Ka Waiwai is a call to action for the lāhui kanaka to come together and dream up ideas of exchange and abundance that prioritize the quality of relationships and the balance between people and the ʻāina.

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Helping Hawaiʻi stand taller each day

Kū Project | Rm 6

The KŪ Project educates, empowers, and engages with the community, helping kānaka to stand a bit taller and stronger each day by making fitness and health more accessible through concepts like kupaʻa, kōkua, and hoʻomau. To create a lasting legacy, we need to build a stronger and healthier self in order to lift up the lāhui.

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How do you ea?

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