Keu a ka ‘Ono: Laulau Palula

Hawaiian food isn’t just for special occasions. It should be a healthy part of our regular diets. Why do we have to wait until lūʻau to enjoy poi or laulau or lūʻau stew? Normally, laulau cooked with lūʻau leaf has to be steamed for hours at a time. But with this easy and super ʻono ʻai pono recipe for laulau palula (sweet potato leaf laulau), we can eat this dish in no time at all. The palula cooks through in twenty minutes, and you don’t have to worry about an itchy throat! Check out this video recipe, and learn some Hawaiian measurements at the same time. Make an assembly line with your keiki, and you can get dinner done in a flash!

ʻUala (sweet potato) is easy to grow in your yard. It is also generous with its leaves (palula), so even after making laulau palula, you will have enough leaves leftover to stir fry with garlic and patis or even eat it raw in a salad. With the abundance of palula provided by just a small patch of ʻuala, this is a dish you can enjoy all the time. He keu a ka ʻono!

“Most folks know ʻuala is used for its tubers. However the leaf has great nutritional value and also a special taste.”

Kaulana Vares, Cultural Specialist, Kamehameha Schools Kapālama