E ō mau

This year we celebrate the first thirty years of Hawaiian-language immersion education in the kula kaiapuni. It marks thirty more years of growth for our ʻōlelo makuahine, and what we have witnessed in these last three decades has been nothing short of breathtaking. Our ʻōlelo is being heard in all the traditional places again, in the loʻi, at the loko iʻa, in new mele and oli, on the ʻāina, in the classroom, in the hālau.

But what also gives us hope for the future is that our ʻōlelo is being heard in places it hasn’t traditionally been heard before. In video games, at Harvard, in apps, in reggae and hiphop, on the internet, even on the very walls of the buildings we live and work in.

Ke Kanakolu is a project celebrating the kula kaiapuni’s 30-year anniversary through street art, bringing together the schools and surrounding communities to paint 10 murals on 5 different islands. When it comes to your community, lend your hand and support the revitalization of ko kākou ʻōlelo aloha.

Ke Kanakolu: Celebrating the first 30 years of immersion education in the kula kaiapuni.