E Naue Mai

One of the functions of Kanaeokana is to create opportunities for students from across the network to come together and learn from respected kumu, but also to learn from each other.

On January 30, 2017, Kanaeokana partnered with Hoʻokahua, Kamehameha’s Hawaiian Cultural Vibrancy Group, for E Naue Mai, a gathering of 180 haumāna from 14 kula representing 5 mokupuni to learn about Hawaiʻi and international law. Students from charter schools, immersion schools, and the Kamehameha campuses listened to local and international scholars’ analyses of key events in Hawai‘i’s history and the status of the Hawaiian Kingdom under international law. Students were then asked, “what do you envision for the future of Hawai‘i?” Their responses were used to construct an 8ft x 12ft hae Hawaiʻi.

“E naue mai, e ke hoa, e kū kāua i ka welo, ka welo mau o nei hae aloha.”