Kapūkaki Art Wall

How does the crisis at Kapūkaki make you feel? Art is a tangible way to communicate thoughts, feelings, ideas, and emotions with others. Share your art on Instagram with the hashtag #kapukakiart and see it here on our wall as part of a mural for our lāhui.

Kapūkaki Advocacy Videos

The security of Oʻahu's collective future is at stake. What's happening?

Kanaeokana Video Playlist: Kapūkaki

A playlist of short, sharable videos that help explain the history and issues surrounding the water crisis at Kapūkaki.

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Kapūkaki Advocacy Kit

Posters, brochures, infographics, backgrounds, and more

Downloadable graphics, zoom backgrounds, printable posters, brochures, infographics, and more for advocacy efforts, social media sharing, and classroom use.

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Water Education Resources

A collection of resources to help educators teach about the importance of wai.

A collection of resources curated to help educators teach about the importance of wai, water rights, clean water advocacy, the water cycle, Kapūkaki (Red Hill), and other water-related materials.

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