Kanaeokana Scavengers Assemble!!!

On January 29, 2019 the ʻAha Kūkā engaged in a 10-team, no holds-barred, be as creative as you can, virtual “scavenger hunt” to get familiar with the handbook. The pics and videos tell the story!

Kanaeokana Spokesperson?

How do I talk about Kanaeokana and share out all the great stuff that’s happening?

Find the person who speaks on all your behalf.
You donʻt have to look hard, get plenny, try ask.
Video the spokesperson sharing a key message or two.
That’s it for now, that was easy, now do!

Kealaiwi…. who?

How does Kealaiwikuamo‘o support Kanaeokana?

KS is a supporter of our collective effort.
They have an entire department to backbone tha work.
Kealaiwikuamo‘o takes its directions from Kanaeokana.
Can you interpret their name using your whole team ‘ohana?
Get creative. Dance. Pose. Video it!

She/he Proposed!

How do I propose a project for Kanaeokana to initiate or join in on?

You get two main hats, alaka‘i and kāko‘o.
Wear um both if you like on top of your po‘o.
As you jump into the work for the lāhui, let’s check.
Find the chart that shows how ideas become projects.

The Kōmike Ho‘okele

Where do I go now that I’m here?

13 folks on the Kōmike Ho‘okele.
Looking for 3 more, people get ready.
Find the chart paper in the room and write down a few names.
These are nominations to be voted on, so please, don’t be lame.
After you write on the paper, take a picture of it.

Who’s da boss?

Who’s in charge here? Who’s da boss?

Hierarchically is not the way that we work.
So how does stuff get done without any-kine quirks?
Check out the guidebook for an easy clue.
Once you get um, you know what to do.
Take a picture of you next to da boss.
Video works too, jus no get lost.

Slack-ing Off

How do I stay in touch with what’s going on?

You guys overachieve or else you wouldn’t be here.
And because we all spread out it’s become very clear.
Between face-to-face meetings we need to know what’s going on.
We use a tech called Slack, no prob, stay calm.
Got a pic of someone using it?

The Kōmike Ho‘okō

Where do I go now that I’m here?

The Kōmike Ho‘okō, right now there are six.
Different work strands for participants to pick.
Find a few right now that resonate with you.
Then type in their names and say what they do.

A-ha! The ‘Aha Kūkā?

Where do I go now that I’m here?

The ‘Aha Kūkā is a place to engage.
With ʻeerybody there in the same place.
But if I miss one, how do I keep up?
Where can I go to see what’s up?
Is there someplace online I can find meeting summaries?

Dashboard Confessional

How do I stay in touch with what’s going on?

There is something with circles that has all kine stuff.
Try plug in the URL you’ll bring it right up.
It’s a good way to stay up to date, I confess.
A dashboard to show all da bess of da bess.
Type the URL to the papa hō‘ike (project dashboard):


Aloha mai e ke hoa ē!

The handbook evolves so stay up to date.
The most recent version is always in place.
Type the URL and you’ll always have the right one.
Look at the handbook cover and you’re nearly done!