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On July 6, 66 leaders and supporters of ʻōlelo Hawai‘i, Hawaiian culture, and ʻāina based education met to 1) solidify the formation of their kula Hawai‘i network and 2) forward collaborations among their organizations.

*Additional invitees had scheduling conflicts but voiced an interest in joining future meetings.


A highlight of the meeting was the chance to preview a few of the videos recently broadcast via Facebook and network TV.

Here’s a summary of the day’s activities:

Kōmike Hoʻokele
Discussion regarding establishment of Kōmike Hoʻokele

Members approved proposed Kōmike Hoʻokele kuleana

Mission and Vision
Proposed Kōmike Hoʻokele revisions to living Kanaeokana mission and vision
  • Kanaeokana mission and vision slightly reorganized; the old vision proposed as the new strategic goals
  • Small, non-substantive text changes

New Kanaeokana mission, vision, and strategic goals adopted by members

Small group Mission & Vision
Small group discussion to calibrate members’ understandings of the mission, vision, and strategic priorities
  • Small groups discussed key words in the mission, vision, strategic goals document and recorded their manaʻo
  • Groups reviewed each other’s manaʻo through a gallery walk and stickered manaʻo that resonated strongly
  • Activity served the goal of calibrating members’ perceptions regarding the Kanaeokana mission, vision, and strategic goals
Video sharing
Kealaiwikuamoʻo’s Network Engagement team shared their Kanaeokana video storytelling
  • Kealaiwikuamoʻo shared the key strategic messages conveyed in Kanaeokana videos
  • Sample of videos were shared (posted at www.facebook.com/Kanaeokana/ and www.vimeo.com/kanaeokana)
  • Kealaiwikuamoʻo reported that at that time there were over 46K followers of Kanaeokana’s Facebook page (now over 59K), a valuable audience for potential mobilization in support of Hawaiian education
Workgroup Work Time
Kōmike evolution, updates, and work time
  • Four active Kōmike shared about their activities and future plans
    • Hoʻokuluma ʻŌlelo Hawai‘i
    • Engaging ‘Ohana and Community
    • Recruiting and Retaining Hawaiian Culture Based Educators
    • Building and Sustaining Kula Resources
  • Two more Kōmike were (re)established
  • Everyone joined a kōmike and kōmike enjoyed time to gain forward progress
Zones of innovation:
A new standing agenda item
  • Small group discussions about zones of innovation occurring across Hawaiian education.
  • Sharing out of small groups’ favorite ideas.


· A meeting will be set up for the Kōmike Hoʻokele to discuss dates and agendas for future meetings.
· The six kōmike will continue meeting to forward their work streams.
· The approved Kealaiwikuamoʻo reorganization will be implemented, including hiring 6 more staff to directly and indirectly support Kanaeokana.