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Array of supporters (KS)

The June 20 kula Hawai‘i meeting joined 69 supporters* of ‘ōlelo Hawaiʻi, Hawaiian culture, and ʻāina based education who responded to a kāhea to meet and discuss: “How can kula Hawaiʻi work together in strategic and innovative ways to realize a thriving lāhui and vibrant pae ʻāina?”

*Additional invitees had scheduling conflicts but voiced an interest in joining future meetings.


  • Opening piko/protocols
  • Kamehameha Schools CEO Jack Wong provided opening comments about the network and KS’ commitment to the network. Graphic recording of his comments were also taken.
  • Open Q/A at various times throughout the day
  • Participants engaged in various activities with productive outcomes:
Participants described how their kula or organizations are metaphorically like lāʻau (plants) and shared their lāʻau with others.
  • Hoʻolauna: Sharing exercise offered an opportunity for participants to meet others they had not yet come to know.
  • Participants shared the features of their lāʻau metaphors and saw many similarities among one another.
Creation of a Hawaiian education moʻolelo mural
  • Collective development of a moʻolelo mural depicting a shared history of Hawaiian education.
  • Recognition that our shared history is the fertile soil in which our lāʻau are growing today.
Discussion: “How are you/your organization connected to our shared Hawaiian education history?”
Discussion: “How do we, a kula Hawaiʻi network, work together as different lāʻau of a thriving Hawaiian forest?”
  • Collective answers developed to describe how the network will work together like a thriving ulu lāʻau or Hawaiian forest.
  • Graphic recordation
  • Text version
Consideration: “Do I see my school or organization as being part of the Hawaiian forest described? Do I want my kula or organization to be part of this network?”
Review and amendment of draft “Nā Ao Like ʻOle,” different cloud possibilities symbolic of activity themes that enrich the ulu lāʻau.
Assessment of Nā Ao Like ʻOle activity themes and project possibilities.
  • Participants indicated their assessments:
  • Worthiness of and interest in themes and project possibilities (indicated with a blue dot).
  • Interest in working on projects within a given theme (Green=1st priority, Orange=2nd, Yellow=3rd)
Discussion about specific project possibilities within a given theme



100% of 35 respondents plan on attending future kula Hawai‘i meetings


100% of 35 respondents are interested in receiving email updates

Respondents want to help plan future kula Hawai‘i meetings
Respondents want to assist in creating a leadership/decision making structure
Respondents want to help name the kula Hawaiʻi network

Participants were asked the following questions:

I understand the goals of the kula Hawai‘i network: 4.28**
The “Background information on the kula Hawai‘i network” handout was helpful: 4.24**
I am enthusiastic about the possibilities that could arise from the kula Hawai‘i network: 4.67**
*35 surveys representing 28 organizations present were turned in.
**1-5 scale where 5 = strongly agree and 1 = strongly disagree
View the comprehensive summary of the survey results.


Save the date for the next meetings:

  • Pōʻakolu, August 31 (moved from 8/17 to avoid conflict with NHEC meeting on 8/17)
  • Pōʻakolu, February 8
  • Pōʻakolu, June 7

Two work sessions to be scheduled in July and August (TBD) for those interested in planning future meetings, developing a leadership structure, and proposing a name for the network. (Doodle poll to be sent soon for participants to select best days.)