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On February 24, 55 leaders and supporters of ʻōlelo Hawai‘i, Hawaiian culture, and ʻāina based education met to 1) solidify the formation of their kula Hawai‘i network and 2) forward collaborations among their organizations.

*Additional invitees had scheduling conflicts but voiced an interest in joining future meetings.


A highlight of the meeting was the chance to preview a video piece from the January 30, 2017 event “E Naue Mai”

Here’s a summary of the day’s activities:

Initiative Project Teams

Groups met and honed plans for project focuses.

Initiative work groups continued their work, with each identifying a project focus, an overview of which can be seen in the initiative project sketches. Teams also planned for their next meeting.

Two initiative work groups will refocus their efforts.

  • Kaʻieʻie: Holistic Multigenerational Success Coaching and Mentoring sunsetted their group, given efforts by KS Kūamahi/Kealakūlia to address the same goals through a newly designed set of programs.
  • Advocacy for Equitable Funding for Charter Schools will address their goals within the context of the Hoʻolako Like Poʻo Kumu PLC monthly meetings.
Mission and Vision

Discussion, revision, finalization

The group reviewed, revised and finalized the Kanaeokana mission and vision, a living document that will be revisited at each meeting to help ensure the network maintains its intended focus. Revisions will be made through time, as desired by the group.
Logo selection

Review and voting

Two logo options were presented and votes were cast via secret ballots. By a 64% margin, this logo was selected.
Video sharing

E Naue Mai

E Naue Mai captured highlights of an educational gathering on Hawaiian nationhood sponsored by KS Hoʻokahua and Kealaiwikuamoʻo departments for Kanaeokana students representing 14 kula and 5 mokupuni.
Decision making models

Members discussed possible models and adopted an agreed upon general approach

Four work teams deliberated on potential decision making models for Kanaeokana. By 100% consensus, each of the four teams determined that Kanaeokana will:

  • Operate under a formal leadership structure involving a standing steering committee that will:
    • Be comprised of members representing the initiative work groups, the geographic diversity of the hui, and the age groups of the kula in the network.
    • Be nominated and selected by Kanaeokana members.
    • Minimally determine the agenda items for meetings.
    • Serve in a representative capacity to speak on behalf of the larger network, as they see fit (or to seek direction and input from the larger group, as they see fit).
  • As appropriate, Kanaeokana would also use Consider.It for virtual discussions to inform decision making by the steering committee or the larger network.
Discussion of endorsement request from Ka Leo Hawai‘i Media for its ANA (Administration for Native Americans) grant application Strong support was unanimously voiced for Ka Leo Hawai‘i Media’s bid to gain ANA grant support for their proposal to establish a 24/7 ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i radio station. Kealaiwikuamoʻo was tasked to draft the support letter.
Updates – Network Engagement provided an update and sought approval for projects
The Network Engagement team shared two sets of efforts:
He Au Hou, a storytelling workshop series

  • Telling moʻolelo through comics
  • Telling moʻolelo through video games

Paired kilo and wahi pana apps. Kanaeokana provided a “green light” of support for Kealaiwikuamoʻo to go forward with this major effort.Recruitment kōkua needed for the intensive three-week He Au Hou: Telling stories through video games workshop. Seeking 18+ year old passionate aloha ʻāina students skilled or highly interested in the areas of:

  • Culturally grounded storytelling, writing, filmmaking
  • Graphic design, concept art
  • 3D modeling, animation
  • Game and level design
  • Programming
  • Sound, music

Please direct applicants to this site.


Network members and supporters who have been attending meetings are asked to click into this Doodle Poll to indicate their availability for the next meeting on any of these possible dates:

July 6, Akua, Pō‘ahā
July 7, Hoku, Pō‘alima
July 8, Māhealani, Pō‘aono