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On January 12, 2024 146 educational leaders and supporters came together to review Kanaeokana’s progress and to harness their collective intelligence to guide their work going forward. Here’s a link to the slide deck of the meeting to get an in-depth perspective. For a quick overview, please see the table below.

*Additional invitees had scheduling conflicts but voiced an interest in joining future meetings.


Here’s a summary of the day’s activities:

Networking & wehena Haumāna and kumu of Kamehameha Schools Kapālama Kula Waena delivered a powerful set of oli that activated and engaged ea, setting the tone for the day’s hana.

Participants received Kanaeokana shirt and pāpale and, to share with their kula or hui, advanced copies of two new games from Kamehameha Publishing: ‘Āina and Nā ‘Ono o ke Kai.‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i kumu and ‘ōiwi, DJ Mermaid, brought her turntables and provided music that helped to ea-nergize the space.
Kanaeokana: Celebrating Kanaeokana Growth & Successes Kealaiwikuamo‘o staff took the group on a journey, looking back through the last six years of network activity, initiatives, and projects that spring from the strategic goals set by Kanaeokana participants in the early days of its formation. Impacts of those efforts in the broader community were also shared. The presentation helped set the stage for the work that was to come later in the morning and in the afternoon.

Looking back, to Look Forward

  • Our Why
  • Early years as a network: Development of a shared vision, mission, and strategic goals.
  • Amplifying the voices of aloha ‘āina leaders and our lāhui from the front lines
  • “Kuleana is the boss”
  • “Kanaeokana moves at the speed of trust”
  • “Collective intelligence”
  • To prioritize the renormalization of ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i in all sectors of society. Exemplar projects: Duolingo (1.5 Million Learners, Over 758,000 currently active), ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i Kākou, Ke Kāniwala Aupuni Hawai‘i, Ola ka ‘Ī: Ko‘olau, Ewa, Maui.
  • To generate and advocate for Kanaeokana policy positions. Examples how Kanaeokana amplifies community voices that are active and advocating for important issues: Maunakea, Kapūkaki, Lahaina, Water Commission (Kaleo Manuel’s reinstatement)
  • To develop and share educational resources, ideas, approaches, and strategies through a centralized, virtual waihona
  • To ensure multi-generational continuity and synergy in the evolving work of Kanaeokana. Examples: Aloha ‘Āina Leader Awards
  • Development and growth of communication channels and content shared on Kanaeokana channels. Over 14 million reached in Q3 of 2023 on Instagram. Over 3 million reached in 2023 on Facebook. Links to active channels: Kanaeokana Website, Kanaeokana Project Dashboard, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
Harvesting collective intelligence in the morning kauno‘o: Advocacy, Evolution, Ea Hawai‘i, Kū-punawai
Project Pitches & Gallery Walk
  • Kanaka Tech Literacy
  • Kauhale for our Houseless
  • Produce more puke ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i to increase literacy
  • Curriculum & Puke development for ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i
  • Ho‘oikaika pilina with kānaka abroad. Bring em back & Ea-ducate
  • Hawai‘iloa Program: Financial aid for those that don’t qualify for other opportunities
  • ‘Āina Momona: Ma uka i ma kai. Ko‘olauloa Aloha ‘Āina. Agroforestry at the kula. Link kūpuna, ‘āina, and haumāna.
  • EA Ecoversity: Kanaka culinary arts diploma
  • Kū‘ē petition Mo‘okū‘auhau project (Purple Mai‘a)
  • Lako Hōnuanua and Waihona Kūpuna
  • Social Media strategies, collaboration, news, stories, workshops, support, training
  • ‘Āina Kūpuna: displaced ‘ohana.
  • Lā ‘Ehunui: 30-year celebration. Seeking vendors, judges, attendees.
  • Youth Participatory Action Research
  • Process to teach haumāna how to apply for scholarships and what they need
  • Ola ka ‘Ī ma Hawai‘i mokupuni
  • ‘Aha Kū‘oko‘a Hawai‘i
  • Kuakahi Hawaiian Language Planning: Language Coach
  • He Papahana Ho‘ona‘auao Hawai‘i no nā ‘ohana e noho ana ma LV.
  • HCBE Early Learning Instructional Materials. Me‘e picture books. Culturally relevant manipulatives: Kanaka puppets, dolls, holoholona, simple games based on ‘āina systems, la‘au lapa‘au, loko i‘a
  • ‘Aha Kumu KS HCBE: Kanaeokana sponsored and organized

    View in Slack
Nā Mea Pa‘ani, Ea Installations, and the Swag Station Participants got to test flight a new card game in development set to launch soon: Pā‘ani Pilina.

Hundreds of items that represent who we are as ‘ōiwi, build identity, and create connections were pressed and distributed. The stickers, heat transfers, wearables are all aimed at bringing our language and culture into everyday spaces.Two tent installations on ea that have been traveling around the pae ‘āina popped up on the pā at Ka‘iwakīloumoku! Participants were encouraged to check them out and dive deeper into the resources the installations point to on waihona.net: E Ho‘i Ka Nani, Kāko‘o Maui, Lā Ho‘iho‘i Ea, and Pa‘a Ke Aupuni.
Next Steps

Kealaiwikuamo‘o will:

  • Revisit the Ea Hawai‘i draft to integrate and implement mana‘o gathered from the ‘Aha.
  • Go through the project pitches to see what’s possible, potentially working to bring together nodes of the network in this work.
  • Update handbook, website, and project dashboard.
  • Update kanaeokana.net/kahua
  • Send out to all participants (both of those who attended the ‘Aha Kūkā and others who were not able to do so) a follow up email with summary
  • Encourage participants to sign up for Kū-punawai! A new group within Kanaeokana that would be looked to as a punawai, offering advice, counsel, and kōkua to other participants and Kealiwikuamo‘o staff. The commitment and engagement will be defined and determined by participants, as time and bandwidth allows.