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Kula & Organizations
Array of supporters (KS)

On October 24, 36 leaders and supporters of ʻōlelo Hawai‘i, Hawaiian culture, and ʻāina based education met to 1) solidify the formation of their kula Hawai‘i network and 2) forward collaborations among their organizations.

*Additional invitees had scheduling conflicts but voiced an interest in joining future meetings.


Here’s a summary of the day’s activities:

‘Ike Honua
Moanalua (meeting place) was honored with the group joining together in singing Kilakila ʻo Moanalua
Grounding ourselves
A quick game of Kahoot! reminded the group about key aspects of our nu’ukia (vision) and ala nu’ukia (mission) and some of Kanaeokana strides that can be celebrated (e.g., a Kanaeokana Facebook following of 2 kini a ʻoi -over 88,000 people)
Zones of Innovation
Gallery walk / sharing ideas
Kula and hui shared innovations displayed through an innovations gallery inspiring 45 minutes of engaged conversations with a host of Hawaiian education leaders in Kanaeokana!
Kōmike Ho‘okele Updates
Participation in Kanaeokana
Decision making from the 10.5.17 Kōmike Ho’okele meeting regarding participation

  • Newly invited participants
  • Process for further invites
    • Kōmike working groups can invite participants to join their work
    • Later Kōmike working groups can ask the Kōmike Ho’okele to have invitees included in plenary meetings

Levels of participation: Participants can be engaged in the level of participation that suits them best. Four levels of participation are welcomed. Each higher level of participation assumes participation in the lower levels of engagement.

Kōmike Ho‘okele Updates
Presenting at Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs Convention
Decision making from the 10.5.17 Kōmike Ho’okele meeting regarding AHCCC presentation in Seattle

  • Two Kōmike Ho’okele members to offer presentations (Malia Nobrega-Olivera and Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier)
  • Presentation focuses
    • Who is Kanaeokana?
    • What is our nu’ukia and ala nu’ukia?
    • Use of videos to share our story
    • Request to have AHCC join Kanaeokana
    • Potential partnering with AHCC regarding shared advocacy with Kanaeokana
      • Hawaiian education issues
      • Urgent ʻāina-based issues
  • Dinner session on 11/2 (time provided by KS)
  • Plenary session on 11/3
Kōmike Ho’okele updates
Maunakea education efforts
Decision making from the 10.5.17 Kōmike Ho’okele meeting regarding Maunakea education efforts

  • Kealaiwikuamo’o proposal supported to develop factual presentation of the Maunakea issues, as seen through a kuanaʻike Hawai’i lens
  • An educational resource to provide haumāna with accurate, relevant information
  • Resource balances current pro-TMT campaigns that do no honor kuanaʻike Hawaiʻi
Kamehameha Publishing
Survey from Kamehameha Publishing

  • Survey purposes shared by KPub Director, Ron Cox
    • Temperature check on current state of Hawaiian education resources
    • Provide Kanaeokana a voice in identifying publishing needs and priorities
    • Provide KS leadership information relevant to decision making
  • Survey taken at: www.bit.ly/2y2lhmE If you have not taken this survey yet, please do so by Friday, Nov. 10.
Building Kula Resources & Sustainability
Kōmike presentation
Building and Sustaining Kula Resources Kōmike presentation by Olani Lilly regarding plans to support Kanaeokanaʻs resourcing aspirations

  • Four strategies
    • Create a mechanism
    • Create an endowment
    • Develop capacity
    • Create a social enterprise
  • Proposed timeline of activities
Kōmike work time
and reporting to plenary
Six standing kōmike met to forward their specific goals. Each reported to the plenary group about their focal work and upcoming streams of activity. Please contact Kehau Abad (keabad@ksbe.edu) if you would like to join one of these standing kōmike:

  • Ho’okuluma ‘Ōlelo Hawaiʻi
  • Engaging ʻOhana and Community
  • Recruiting and Retaining Hawaiian Culture Based Educators
  • Building and Sustaining Kula Resources and Sustainability
  • Hawaiian Education Advocacy
  • Inter-kula Haumāna Engagement
on next meeting days
Kanaeokana participants voted to meet on the following days (invites to be sent out soon):

  • Friday, January 12
  • Friday, April 27
  • Friday, July 20


· Save the date(s)! January 12, 2018; April 27, 2018; July 20, 2018!
· The six kōmike will continue meeting to forward their work streams.