Our keiki have many challenges ahead, and one of the best tools we can give them is a deep and innovative education that will enable them to create a future of abundance and strength, both for Hawai‘i and the world-at-large. Each bill that truly supports education is a stone in the kahua, the foundation, securing our collective future.

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Support the future of Hawai‘i through education. Support these bills.

kanaeokana-bullet-point HB 728,  SB 939

Getting the students into the classroom is the first step to a great education, without these funds transportation remains a burden to many families.

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kanaeokana-bullet-point HB 730,  SB 937

A hungry haumāna can’t learn, so this bill ensures that the minds and stomachs of all of our keiki will be nourished in all public schools.

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kanaeokana-bullet-point HB 729, SB 912, & HB 246

Our keiki deserve the best learning environments possible, and these bills ensure that all of our schools have the funding for the facilities and infrastructure they deserve.

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kanaeokana-bullet-point HB 996, SB 1222, & HB 967

Education can never begin too soon, and without the funds requested in these bills 18 public pre-kindergarten classrooms will close at the end of this school year.

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Call or Email These Senators

The Senate bills 912, 939, and 937 are currently waiting for a hearing in the Senate Ways and Means committee. If the bills don’t get a hearing, the bills essentially die this session. If you don’t have time to submit testimony, please consider reaching out to the following Senators on the Ways and Means committee:

Innovative Education

Many of the problems that we are facing in the world today will be visited upon our children as well. One of the best chances we have to ensure that they have the tools to deal with those issues is to give them the foundation of a great education. Hawaiian language, culture, and ‘āina-based education does not only connect us with our ancestors; it allows us to connect with our futures as well.

Mālama Honua

Teaching Tommorow’s Navigators

Papa Wa‘a

School at Sea

Changing Tides

Ka ‘Umeke Kā‘eo’s Education Movement

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Kanaeokana Op-Eds

Hawaiian Culture-Based Education is transforming how we approach educating children here in Hawai‘i and abroad. Hawai‘i has achieved notable success among worldwide indigenous language revitalization efforts. Such successes have been hard earned through three decades of efforts to establish and sustain Hawaiian-language kula kaiapuni (immersion schools) and efforts in preschool through university-level contexts (e.g., Pūnana Leo, Department of Education kula kaiapuni, and UH System Hawaiian language programs). The latest shift, which began almost two decades ago, includes Hawaiian-focused charters developing and expanding educational programs from a Hawaiian-based foundation.

Let’s Re-Commit To Public Education

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The Hawaiian Language Shall Survive

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Be The Changemaker In Hawai‘i Education

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Which Candidates Support Education?

Education and the state of our public schools in Hawai‘i predominate our political discussions in election years and for good reason. There really are no issues, from global climate change to energy and transportation, to creating sustainable economies whose solutions aren’t deeply connected to and dependent on the quality of public education. We asked candidates in the 2018 election to respond to questions regarding education in Hawai‘i.

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Other Important Bills

kanaeokana-bullet-point Support SB 193

There are many powerful examples where Native Hawaiian traditional and customary practices, values, and beliefs build resilience in individuals, their networks, and their communities. This bill takes a positive step forward in reaffirming the state’s commitment to Native Hawaiians across the state.

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Oppose HB 1326

This bill would impede on sound environmental processes by granting corporations unrestricted use of fresh water through the issuing of temporary permits.

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